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Welcome to my site!  
I am a guitarist, song writer and producer/engineer. 
In this site you will find a variety of information, pictures, song clips and news updates.  Hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to seeing you fans soon...

Latest Headlines

  • 05/22/10 - A personal message from Bob Rossi regarding the passing of Ronnie James Dio.
    • "It is with a heavy heart I mourn the death of Ronnie James Dio, one of the greatest vocal souls to ever grace our planet. Ronnie's voice and songwriting have been an ongoing inspiration for me since the days of Rainbow.  He will be missed by fans around the world.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to finally meet Ronnie a few years ago during a concert in Germany where we were both performing - a memory I will cherish forever."
  • 01/31/10 - Gus G. is officially the new guitarist for Ozzy!
    • Bob would like to congratulate fellow guitarist Gus G. as the new guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne!  Bob and Gus have shared the stage together while on tour in Japan and also appeared on the two most recent Rob Rock releases.  Gus G. is an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter who will no doubt create great material with Ozzy.  Be sure to support Gus on this Summer's Ozzfest tour!
  • 09/09/09 - Bob busy working on new material.  
    • Bob has been busy in the studio writing and pre-producing new material.  Stay tuned for more information in 2010.
  • 05/09/08 - Bob establishes artist relationship with Splawn Amplification.  
    • Bob is pleased to announce an artist relationship with Splawn amplification! Check out this amazing guitar amplifier company at and hear the products of Scott Splawn's tonal wizardry.  Bob's sound sample can be heard under the "Clips" section on the Splawn site.
  • 02/14/08 - Bob working on DRIVER project with Rob Rock and Roy Z.
    • Bob has been enlisted to work with vocal icon Rob Rock and Roy Z. on the DRIVER project, with vocals scheduled to be recorded at Digital Balance Studios.  DRIVER was one of the top acts in Los Angeles during the heights of hard rock in the late 1980's. The forthcoming CD will feature re-recorded versions of songs written by Roy Z. and Rob Rock.

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